ComputerAGED is a non-profit program developed here in
Indianapolis to reconnect the senior community with each
other, their families and the rest of the world. Together
, with
our team of instructors we support an active senior lifestyle
by providing basic computer instruction with our mobile lab
right in your facility. The program of course is free to your
facility and we focus on lifting the spirits and enhancing minds
each week. Studies show that seniors should try learning
something new each week and recent research shows seniors
are able to learn the piano at any age. Imagine what your
residents will be able to learn on the computer!

Our program interests a wide variety of your residential and
community populations. Many seniors living in community
may already have a computer. These clients love our
program! They get to bring their own computer if they choose
or they can use one of ours. There are also those who have
never touched a computer in their life. These happen to be
ur favorite students because they tend to learn the most, the
fastest! Our lessons are kept to a maximum of 10 residents per
session and are facilitated by 1-2 instructors depending on the
lesson. Our style of teaching focuses on patient, 1 on 1 care
that will encourage and socialize your residents to new

We teach your residents the basics of email, digital photos,
Facebook, simple searching, how to protect themselves
online and we connect them with a pen pal from one of our
other facilities among other activities. Often times, every
couple of months we try to arrange for the residents to meet
their pen pal they have been corresponding with each week.
The residents look forward to seeing our instructors each
week and to learning something new. Watch your residents
transform their perspective on living in just 1 hr per week.